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I experienced my first BDSM scene relatively late, at 24. Even though I personally had not prepared for it and barely knew the exact meaning of its abbreviation, it merely happened. My partner, the initiator of that day, had read a book on BDSM with the hope that we can re-enact our sexual dynamic, which had been suffering for a while. We did indeed experience something extraordinary on that day together. We were given the gift of realization that we both like different aspects of being kinky. …

How To

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“No technique, no professional skill can be acquired without exercise; nor can the art of living to be learned without a training of the self by oneself,” says Foucault, while depicting the thoughts of the philosophers and thinkers of ancient times on the topic of writing. Alongside reading and meditation, the act of writing had been long considered as one of the most significant components for self-training. Writing for oneself and others was the art of that time through which one learned the aesthetics of her existence, that is, the government of oneself.

I read other people’s words every day…

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I am in my room, as usual. The same space where I have spent most of my time for the last three years doing the same thing day by day. Sitting in my chair, reading dispersed papers on the desk, jumping from one theory to another, taking notes, and typing the next paragraph of my bitter-sweet everlasting dissertation, down. This is where I have learned how the same place with the same kind of repeated activities becomes regular over time, how this regularity slowly transforms into dead weight, and how this heavy load creates a thick surface upon one’s life…

Philosophy | Sexuality

The Desexualization of Pleasure

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Do you have at least a slight feeling that sexuality follows you almost everywhere you socialize? Sex is great. No doubt. But what if your sexual desire determines your ability to experience other types of pleasures? As in, do you see an opportunity to mate and get down at any “possible” occasion? Is dating and having one night stands your main (maybe only) way of finding enjoyment in your day to day life?

In our day and age, organising a date can be one click away. Living in Berlin, where queer culture (thankfully) has taken over as a pre-dominant narrative…

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We are looking for the minds that are on transgression. We seek to publish articles that reverse the ideas taken for granted. Originality is key. Be sure that your writing will light up an ample in readers’ minds or touch a very particular sense/nerve in them. Assure that your pen refers to details about the particularity of life, human conditions, and relations.

We are a team always on transgression, and we believe that a combination of optimism, rationality, spirituality, futurism, consciousness, and mutual understanding can affect human life. We wish to contribute to our readers’ life with significant meanings through…


writer & self-creator | PhD cand. in Sociology | social movements | Foucault | alternatives of living and thinking | sexuality & kink | literature | Berlin

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